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Morrigan - Laura DeLuca

Morrigan is a young adult who has always kept her magical powers of telekinetics and an ability to control fire a secret. Having been abandoned at birth and moved from countless foster homes her only companions are a set of cats. Much to her surpise she one day comes face to face with a mysterious knight who has appeared in many of her dreams and discovers a magical world that she is destined to save from evil.  Descended from a line of magical witches she must rescue her mother, the queen and her grandmother from an evil witch who seeks to destroy them. Morrigan joins the knight on this perilous journey in hopes of not only conquering evil but to find love and acceptance at last.

This story takes you on an amazing quest and in a magical world where anything can happen. I felt transported to a medieval village and much like in a fairytale it completely captured my heart. Morrigan is a typical teen who has lead a very untypical life and you feel for her instantly.  She is truly seeking love and friendship.  When she meets her knight I couldn't help but want her to find it at last.  Not all is what it seems and there were many suprises that were yet to discover. This book certainly stood out for me in the vast ocean of paranormal/fantasy young adult books and encourage anyone who likes these genres to read this. You will not be disappointed.

I was provided a review copy courtesy of Promotional Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

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