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Jordan is tormented by her need to be loved. When most young women of her age are embracing life, she is running from it.  After a suicide attempt, she begins to hide away and travel to numerous locations around the globe. She meets Noah and slowly takes  a step in the right direction. She begins to see herself in a positive light and accept life, love and happiness.


From the beginning it is easy to feel Jordan's pain and desperation.  Depression and self loathing are two evils that many women battle with and as such the reader is really brought up front and center into Jordan's life.  One can truly identify with her. A very deep character with a look into her psyche and touching on many subjects such as religion also gives her richness.  The story roams back and forth from various time periods which I found slightly confusing and the deeper story with Aviva to be very intriguing but not explored enough to my taste. The characters are engaging and the locations in which she travels to, an absolute winning aspect. I would recommend for those who enjoy a read with substance.


I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review.


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