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Honest contemporary love story.

The Drake Equation - Heather Walsh


Emily Crossley is an independent woman who is dedicated to saving the earth.  She meets Robert Drake a PR for a SUV manufacturer and although they are an unlikely pair to unite, sparks start to ignite a flame. When the demands of their jobs begin to rock the relationship,  Emily is no longer sure of her passion for what she is doing and the pressure makes her wonder if she can save the relationship along with the environment.


Both Emily and Robert have such wonderful dry and witty dialogue that I was lured to get to know them better. I adore both characters with their very real life qualities however after a little while the story seemed to focus on the banter and was taking it's time to progress.  In similar fashion of a Woody Allen movie I did like the style but occasionally desired them to forge on. An educational look at the environment that made Emily all that much more interesting.  Robert had that great guy you would love to meet appeal so in light of these characters really connecting I did enjoy this honest contemporary love story book. 


3 stars


I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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