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Becoming Mrs. Walsh - Jessica Gordon

Becoming Mrs. Walsh has all the allurement of a women's lit/chick lit story with glamour, deception and love. Shoshana is an average woman who is soon to be living in a rich woman's world. The introduction to this world is very compelling. Although I found Shoshana a little more focused on her new in law family which highlights her insecurities a little too much for my taste rather than her focusing on love and self confidence. It does show the honesty and truth of such a situation, as well as the idea which is planted early in the readers mind that she is not that happily in love or that self confident for that matter.  Her relationship lacks that va va voom and her partner is very bland and unappealing. Mark, her future brother in law makes up for his misgivings and is very appealing bringing in the heart throb hero element much to my desire as well as Shoshana's.  As the story progresses it just gets better and makes this a really great choice for fans of this genre. Becoming Mrs. Walsh is not an easy task but reading it certainly is and a delight!



4.5 stars


I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.