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Death Is Overrated, a mystery novel - Jeffrey Perren

Thomas Payne is the kind of sleuth that is born out of necessity and lucky for his keen intellect he has the makings of a successful one. Cleverness and a sharp wit get him into and out of several situations on a regular basis throughout the story keeping the pace brisk. Showing sides of a tormented past bring him down to earth and make him that much more appealing. Terri, the attractive but feisty daughter of the chief detective gets caught up in the web of this twisty mystery while trying to control her heart from falling completely for Thomas. The characters seem to end up time and time again in precarious situations that although kept the excitement constant, seemed a tad unrealistic. The setting in Wales adds to the interesting plot and over all an entertaining mystery.


3.5 stars


I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.