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The Shadow Queen - Sandra Gulland

An intriguing look at the world of the Parisian theatre in the 1600's and an emotional look at the medieval mindset towards acting and the superstitious fears open the stage for this story. Claudette is a victim of her circumstances of poverty and ridicule but yet always compassionate.  The incredibly alluring Athenais delivers a step into the high society of Paris going even as far as the royal bedchamber bringing both Claudette and the reader to scenes not easily attainable. Athenais is feisty and strong willed. Her need to stay young and beautiful is similar today as many privledged women seek out extreme methods to look young.  The pressures were just as real then as they are today and this is conveyed to the reader. Duels and black magic give a richer and deeper level all the while the reader is enlightened and entertained moved from joy to sadness to shear heartbreak. A fantastic novel!


5 stars


I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.