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Super Start to this Series

Soul Survivor: The Hybrid Chronicles Book 1 - Michelle N. Files

Both Hailee and Alex become very appealing characters quite quickly. Alex has a tremendous amount of boyish charm and Hailee is very strong minded and not an easy target. With the introduction of the darkness the story dynamics take on a love triangle, good vs. evil and a mission to save the world. With every twist and turn of events another layer of this story is peeled back to reveal yet another exciting development. There is so much more to their story than what you first anticipate. Engaging and interesting with a lot of heart and emotion shown from all of the characters. Haillee is faced with a heck of a lot for a young women to handle and although she does handle it well some of the drama and fighting become a little repetitive and had me wanting some of this to be resolved and the story to progress. Over all though a super start to this complex series and an endearing heroine that is bound to win over many readers.


I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.