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Chosen (The Fighting Fate series) - Paulina Ulrich

Kaddy is the type of character that with every page turned, she becomes more interesting.  A troubled past, a strong will and a huge amount of determination comes across very quickly. The author pays attention to detail in spades. There's a comfortable progression in many of the relationships between characters that did not feel abrupt or lacking in any way. Mike is the type of character that any girl would love to have as a best friend and is certainly worth the Utopya Con 2014 Best Secondary Character (Best Beastie) in a series nomination. Cole in the beginning is a little dry but did win me over eventually. The romantic side of things adds a lot of tenderness and emotion.  This story could appeal to a YA reader as a New Adult reader however a fair amount of foul language is present in the beginning. A few situations that were not fully explored, were a small surprise to me though perhaps it will be content for another book of the series. This however is not to deter greatly from enjoying the book. A fantastic read and for those who like stories about musicians and/or simply the paranormal genre, this is worth reading! My curiosity is peaked for the next book in the series.


4 stars


I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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